Yes, Healthy Eating Can Be Delicious

Abundant Health Knows That What You Eat Equates to How You Feel

It makes sense that what you eat and what enters your body will translate to how you feel throughout the day. Abundant Health Chiropractic and Wellness Center in Mt. Pleasant, MI, is committed to helping you appreciate why improving what you eat will help you improve your overall health. The best part is that eating healthier doesn’t mean sacrificing delicious food! We have several recipes that were crafted by Dr. Hardick, a trusted chiropractic expert in Canada. Not only are they incredibly delicious, but healthier eating can make a noticeable positive impact on your overall health!

Recipes to Try

Organic Lemon Chili Chicken  – Using fresh citrus and spicy chili, this grilled chicken dish is a great recipe to try during the spring and summer months here in mid-Michigan! You can still enjoy a sweet and savory chicken dish full of flavor without having to load the dish with sugary sauces. Your body will love the fact you aren’t filling it with sugar!

Fried Rice – By using brown rice instead of white rice, you get a classic Asian dish that is better for you. By loading it with vegetables and other forms of lean protein such as chicken or shrimp, you can add meatiness to the dish as well. If you love getting fried rice at your favorite local restaurant but want to cut back on sodium intake, try this recipe out!

Grain-Free Chocolate Cupcakes – Who says eating healthy means cutting out delicious desserts? With this chocolate cupcake recipe that Dr. Hardick has shared, you get rich chocolate flavor without any of the sugary guilt!  Take our word for it when we say this is a favorite treat of ours!

All-Natural Berry Iced Tea – With all this delicious food, you need a refreshing drink to go along with them. We adore this iced tea recipe that is full of fresh fruit. Not only will the fruit supply you with important vitamins and other antioxidants, but tea is a powerful health tool that you will enjoy. When the weather starts getting warmer in mid-Michigan during late spring and summer, this cold drink will be a top choice for you!


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