What Do Chiropractors Treat?

Are you wondering “What do chiropractors treat?” Chiropractors are experts in spinal manipulation therapy. As chiropractors, it is our goal to find the root cause of a patient’s pain, then design a specialised treatment plan to generate lasting results.

While the majority of chiropractic treatment does revolve around the spine, the concept of being a “back doctor” or “bone doctor” is only partially true. It is about more than just back pain, as this treatment transforms the body as a whole.

Chiropractic therapists are not just spine specialists—they are experts in the nervous system, which is the most crucial system in our bodies. Because there is a close relationship between the nervous system and the spine, chiropractic treatment can be essential for your continued wellness.

Abundant Health Chiropractic looks to create a positive, long-term impact on the entire body. Here, we’ll explore three common issues, which can be aided or healed by seeking chiropractic treatment:

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There are numerous potential triggers for headaches, including alcohol consumption, missed meals, dehydration, lack of sleep, excessive stress, and of course, poor posture. Visiting a spine expert on a regular basis can help improve your posture in the long run, ultimately resulting in headache relief.

The majority of headaches are associated with muscle tension in the neck, so the most effective way to treat them is through physical manipulation (chiropractic or massage), not through medication. It is a chiropractor’s goal to provide lasting relief rather than temporary relief.

Migraine sufferers often resort to taking prescription or over-the-counter medications to ease their pain. This option is truly a quick fix that puts a band-aid on the problem rather than solving it. In contrast, chiropractors aim to solve the problem of migraine headaches. For a drug-free approach, chiropractic treatment has been proven to provide significant relief.

Limited Range of Motion

Restricted range of motion can make a large impact on our health, wellness, and peace of mind. Feeling stiff results in a lack of motivation to be active, and those with limited flexibility often find it difficult to participate in various forms of physical activity.

Chiropractors have the ability to realign bones and joints, which can ultimately help restore or improve your mobility and decrease your joint pain. Improved mobility will also help with your general coordination and balance. For athletes, this can result in significant performance improvements and improved longevity in their sport of choice.

Chronic Back Pain

Chiropractic care has been consistently proven to be an effective treatment option for back pain, particularly in the lower back. Back pain sufferers report pain when standing for long periods of time, sitting at a computer in an office, bending down, or reaching up. Techniques like flexion-distraction and spinal manipulation can offer both short- and long-term relief for these problems.

It is important to pay attention to the symptoms of your back pain, as some symptoms can be a sign of larger issues. If you experience numbness, tingling, or loss of balance, contact our clinic right away, as these signs can indicate nerve damage.


By seeking chiropractic help for headache relief, improved range of motion, and reduced pain, your overall quality of life will improve. Whether you are experiencing pain from an accident or you’re looking to relieve chronic pain, chiropractic treatments are a wise choice for wellness in the long run.

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