Two Ways a Chiropractor Can Help Your Back Pain

Here are two ways a chiropractor can help your back pain!

The most common reason that patients will visit a chiropractor is to find relief for back pain. Back pain can be caused by a variety of circumstances, including prolonged desk work, manual labour, chronic health issues, or car accidents.

Regardless of the root cause, chiropractic treatment can reduce or even cure back pain issues by igniting the body’s self-healing abilities. By realigning the spine, pressure on the central nervous system is reduced. Here, we explore two techniques which chiropractors utilise in order to provide back pain relief for the short or long term.

1. Spinal Manipulation

Commonly known as an adjustment, spinal manipulation is the most popular technique utilised by Abundant Health Chiropractic. This technique will help realign vertebrae which have moved within the spinal column.

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Painful tension often results in swelling and inflammation, and the action of spinal manipulation can help provide relief. Depending on the patient’s symptoms, they are adjusted in various positions, such as sitting up, lying face up, or lying face down.

Flexion/distraction therapy is a chiropractic technique which is known to be one of the most effective. The objective of flexion/distraction is to create more space between the spinal bones by applying a light amount of stretching to the lower back.

These adjustments are done on specially designed chiropractic tables (sometimes known as “drop tables”) which respond to quick thrusts and help realign the spine.

2. The Pro-ArthroStim® Instrument

Many chiropractors will use a wide variety of devices and machines for performing adjustments. At Abundant Health Chiropractic, we prefer to focus the majority of our adjustments on manual spinal manipulation, as we find it to be the most effective.

But for times when we need an extra tool in order to help a patient feel relief, we perform adjustments with the Pro-ArthroStim® Instrument. This instrument comes in handy when a patient requires an adjustment that would better be performed by a mechanical force as opposed to the hands.

The Pro-ArthroStim® Instrument can be adjusted to perform a dozen mini-thrusts per second. This rapid, repetitive motion enables a chiropractor to innovatively adjust with several small thrusts instead of one large thrust. This instrument is especially useful for clients who are very sensitive to touch, or for those who are experiencing a high degree of pain.

Patients find that adjustments with this instrument can be even more effective and longer lasting than a manual adjustment. And since it can be adjusted to a gentle setting, the Pro-ArthroStim® Instrument is often the ideal tool to assist with adjusting children and babies.

Is a Chiropractor Visit Worth It?

If you’re experiencing chronic pain with no relief, absolutely. Think of your back as the core of your body; it is certainly worth taking care of properly. A correctly aligned spine will result in ease of movement, reduced headaches, and an improved peace of mind.

Whatever your back issue may be, Abundant Health can help treat your symptoms and set you up for a healthy future. Schedule a new patient appointment today.

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