Strengthen Your Immune System Before Cold & Flu Season in Mid-Michigan

Prepare for Cold & Flu Season in Mid-Michigan by Strengthening Your Immune System  

Abundant Health Chiropractic and Wellness Center in Mt. Pleasant wants you and your family to be ready to handle the upcoming cold & flu season. One of the best ways to prepare is by making sure that your immune system is ready to handle germs in an efficient manner. Fortunately, with tips from MaxLiving, you can get yourself and your loved ones ready to make sure your bodies are equipped to fight them quickly and efficiently.  

How Can You Improve Your Defense Against Cold & Flu Germs? 

Reduce Your Sugar Intake – Many studies have highlighted that your body’s overall ability to fight off disease and illness is weakened as you consume more sugar. If you find yourself eating or drinking lots of sugary treats, a great way to start strengthening your body’s defenses is by cutting back on these food and drink items. Your body will thank you as it can start improving its functionality. Looking for something to replace those favorite items? Consider water with cut-up fruit inside for a refreshing, lightly fruity drink that has plenty of health benefits.  

Keep Up with Regular Exercise & Quality Sleep – Your body functions best when it is routinely being given the care it deserves. This includes when you make time to fit in regular exercise. How does exercise help you fight off germs? It improves the circulation of your body’s white blood cells and your ability to carry oxygen to the cells that need it most. Additionally, try and make sure that you keep up on a quality eight hours of sleep a night. Your body uses this time to revitalize and repair itself, so any lack of sleep will result in a weaker overall immune system.  

Let Your Body Fight Germs Unimpeded – Even with all the preparation possible, there is still a chance that your body will have to actively fight off a cold or flu infection. If this happens, you will likely have a fever start up as your body starts heating up to kill off the invading germs. It might be tempting to reach for a cold remedy or other fever-reducing medicine in these circumstances. However, MaxLiving suggests letting your body naturally fight off the infection without the aid of medicine. They list a study from the University of Maryland stating that it took on average three and a half days longer for a cold to clear with help from cold medicine as opposed to when participants just let their body naturally fight it with a fever.  


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