Combating Tech Neck with Quality Chiropractic Care in Mid-Michigan

What is Tech Neck & Why is it a Modern Health Situation? 

Abundant Health Chiropractic and Wellness Center in Mt. Pleasant is here to help alleviate the poor health symptoms that result from being misaligned. A modern posture issue that has quickly risen with the heavier use and reliance on technology is called “tech neck”. According to an article written by MaxLiving, this condition has significantly risen as our society has increased our use of handheld electronic devices including laptops and smartphones. When we extend our necks to look down at them, this puts extra strain on the muscles and the area of the spine in our neck. This can result in long-lasting consequences such as headaches and muscle tightness. Whether you are already experiencing these symptoms, or you are just looking to prevent it from becoming an issue, let us provide you with chiropractic care that will get your alignment back into the proper position. We would also like to offer some suggestions to reduce the likelihood of tech neck becoming an issue.  

How Can Abundant Health Help You Combat Tech Neck in Central Michigan? 

Fixing the Problem with Chiropractic Care – If you are already dealing with all the negative issues associated with tech neck such as stiffness, headaches, or even a noticeable bulge in the neck section of your spine, then we highly suggest reaching out to us for an adjustment. With consistent chiropractic care, we can make sure that this doesn’t become a long-term problem for you. We will help get the neck back into the proper alignment so that you feel better after you leave our Mount Pleasant office.  

Ways to Combat Tech Neck Outside the Chiropractic Office – Tech neck happens because of spending an extended amount of time looking down at a screen which forces your neck to stay in an uncomfortable position. After enough time, you start establishing muscle memory and your body starts keeping your neck in this forward position. This is an unnatural position for your neck muscles and your spine which is why you wind up having pain and continual discomfort. We recommend elevating the position of whatever screen you are looking at so that you are not placing your neck in that uncomfortable position. Additionally, reducing the amount of time you are using your electronics and taking time to properly stretch out your neck muscles in between sessions will help your body maintain the proper posture it needs to function at its best.  

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