Monotasking & Why It is Better for Life in Mid-Michigan

What is Monotasking? 

We frequently hear the term, “multitasking”, in our daily lives. Thanks to the consistently busy lifestyle that many of us live in Mt. Pleasant and other mid-Michigan communities, our brains are constantly having to juggle multiple tasks at a time. While this may seem common, this splitting of duties that your brain must undertake can result in lowered productivity and lower results in each task. Abundant Health Chiropractic and Wellness Center in Mount Pleasant with helpful advice from MaxLiving wants to suggest adopting the practice of “monotasking” into your daily life as often as possible for improved mindset. What is monotasking? Instead of focusing on two or more tasks at a time, you dedicate your brain power to one task. There are many benefits associated with the practice, with reduced stress being the optimal result.  

Benefits of Monotasking in Daily Life 

Better Overall Focus – Whether it’s a work project, or just spending time with family, devoting all your attention to the task or event you are currently present in will result in overall better focus. For example, spending an hour solely on writing a research paper for school without distractions such as music or talking to someone will provide you with more concise and detailed work thanks to the singular focus you can contribute to the task. In social situations, date nights and family time will be much better for everyone involved when you put all your focus and attention into enjoying those experiences instead of being distracted with work or your phone.  

Improved Efficiency & Fewer Mistakes – When your brain multitasks, it increases the likelihood that you make mistakes as your brain can’t always make sure everything is right in one task while focusing on another at the same time. It can also take longer on average to do multiple things at once instead of taking them one at a time. Practicing monotasking will not only help you speed up the time it takes to get individual projects completed, but it will also lessen the number of mistakes as your brain doesn’t have to start thinking about something else.  

Better Attention Span – Another long-term detriment to multitasking is that it forces our brains to pay attention to one thing for a far lesser amount of time than usual. This not only hinders your brain’s performance in those tasks, but it also makes paying attention in general much harder as your mind is continually trying to find another task to undertake. When establishing monotasking in your life, you’ll find that you can more easily pay attention and retain memory better in both the short-term and the long-term.  

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