Make Your Next BBQ Healthier with These Helpful Tips

Make BBQ Season Healthy with Tips That We Love at Abundant Health in Mt Pleasant 

Everyone at Abundant Health Chiropractic and Wellness Center loves a great outdoor BBQ with family and friends.  Like others in Mt. Pleasant and the rest of mid-Michigan, we are always eager to make our BBQ a healthy experience.  As we hit the peak grilling season here in Michigan, we would like to help make your next BBQ as healthy as it is happy. These tips we like to follow at our own grilling parties will help you stay on track for your overall health goals without missing out on the fun.  

Great Summertime Healthy BBQ Tips 

Food – The smell of meat, fish, or whatever veggies you like to grill can’t be beaten during a BBQ. When you are planning out your grocery list for your next BBQ, try and look for more vegetables to add to the grill. Options such as onions, bell peppers, and zucchini are fantastic when thrown on the grill and allowed to get that little bit of char on them. If you and your family love hot dogs and other sausages on the grill, consider looking for all-natural options that do not have nitrates, gluten, and other fillers. Finally, fish is simply incredible when prepared on a grill. Consider looking for quality fillets of salmon or any other substantial fish that grill well.  

Hydration – Staying hydrated throughout the summer is important for feeling your best while outdoors in the hot summer sun. Remember it takes more water to keep you properly hydrated when the temperature escalates. Keeping a bottle or two of water nearby throughout your time in the sun is a great way to make sure you are drinking before you find yourself feeling thirsty, which can indicate you have reached the point of dehydration. If you intend to consume alcohol during your BBQ, remember that it dehydrates you and will require extra water intake to offset.  

Sun & Bug Protection – Having quality non-toxic sunscreen on hand when you’re going to be out in the sun for more extended periods is advised to help prevent sun-related ailments such as rashes or sunburns. Additionally, make sure you have a way to get out of the direct sunlight for a little while. This could mean going inside the house or having an awning on your patio.  

Bugs such as mosquitoes are also prevalent during the summer season and can carry nasty diseases and are annoying when they bite. There are great repellant options that use non-toxic essential oils such as peppermint and citronella to achieve effective results. Another way you can decrease the likelihood of being bitten is by limiting your time outdoors during the morning and late evening. These times are when insects such as mosquitoes are most active.  

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