Strengthen Your Immune System for a Healthier 2024

The Importance of Your Immune System & Its Fight Against Viruses and Other Illnesses 

Your body’s immune system is the most important element against viruses that challenge your health in Central Michigan. With such importance placed on fighting things such as COVID and the flu annually, giving your immune system a boost will help you stay healthy even at challenging times of year. The best part is that there are many natural ways to strengthen your immune system and let your body handle everything like it’s made to do. Abundant Health Chiropractic and Wellness Center in Mt. Pleasant, wants to share with you some tips to help make your immune system stronger in 2024 with helpful suggestions from MaxLiving.  

Ways to Give Your Body a Natural Boost to its Immune System 

Avoid As Much Sugar as Possible – Your body can’t fight off invading pathogens as easily when you are consuming lots of sugar. Sugar can even be an active suppressant to your immune system and its ability to function properly. If you want to see noticeable improvement in your body’s overall resistance to viruses, consider greatly lowering your sugar intake.  

Integrate More Exercise into Your Schedule – There are a plethora of immune system benefits when you start exercising more regularly. First and foremost, exercise is a fantastic natural stress release. Stress itself causes issues with your immune system by suppressing it. Exercising allows your body to let go of that stress while also providing better blood circulation. This is important as it allows your white blood cells to get to the viruses they need to fight faster and reduces the amount of time it takes for you to fully recover if you are sick.  

Avoid Cold Medicine – Should you find yourself sick, it might be tempting to immediately turn to your favorite cold medicine of choice to get immediate relief. However, it is recommended to avoid doing this if you want to fully recover from the illness faster. If you allow your body to naturally break its fever, you will find you recover faster than if you take cold medicine to reduce the fever. A fever is an indicator that your body is actively fighting off a virus and should be allowed to fight naturally so you can feel much better.   

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