Chiropractic Care & Its Positive Effects on Your Heart Health

Help Your Heart Stay Healthier with Quality Chiropractic Care 

Abundant Health Chiropractic and Wellness Center in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan is committed to helping you live your best life by providing multiple natural ways to get your body functioning at its peak. For example, did you know that having chiropractic care could help improve the overall function of your heart? When our bodies are out of alignment, there are multiple elements of the body that can become hindered, thus reducing their efficiency. With information gathered from MaxLiving, let us share with you a selection of key reasons why scheduling regular chiropractic care is a beneficial idea for your heart health.  

Reasons Why Chiropractic Care is Beneficial for Your Heart  

Reduced Inflammation – When it comes to getting our bodies as healthy as possible, inflammation can stop that dream right in its tracks. Inflammation is our natural response to when something is wrong in our bodies. There are some considerations that some cardiovascular diseases could be caused by inflammation that promotes plaque buildup as well. When you get your body back in alignment with a chiropractic appointment, your body can fight inflammation much more effectively.  

Lower Blood Pressure – You might be wondering how chiropractic care can help you lower your blood pressure. When the first bone in your neck (called the Atlas vertebra) is misaligned, it hinders your body’s ability to get blood flowing effectively to all the various organs it needs to. When this occurs, your blood pressure rises in an effort to combat the situation. If we diagnose that this vital bone is misaligned and make an adjustment to change that, we might help improve your body’s ability to provide effective blood flow with less effort.  

Chest Pain Reduction & Improved Lung Function – Being in misalignment can cause several areas of your body to struggle. Not all chest pain is related to heart issues.  That pain could be something like an out-of-place rib. If you sometimes experience chest pain that isn’t heart-related, you may be dealing with something wrong with your rib cage or spine. We are eager to help fix these issues if they are the cause. Additionally, a properly aligned spine and rib cage will improve the overall functionality of your lungs. 

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