Healthy Options for Eating Out in Brantford

Healthy Options for Eating Out in Brantford Ontario

See Our Top Choice for Healthy Dining in Brantford, ON

Healthy Dining in Brantford

Are you looking for local Healthy Options for Eating Out in Brantford, Ontario?

If so, you’re not alone. In fact, it’s one of the most common questions we get from our patients here at Abundant Health Chiropractic, who are trying to improve their overall nutrition when following one of the MaxLiving 5 Essentials nutrition plan.

Regardless of whether you’re following the core plan or the max plan, the beauty of the MaxLiving nutritional protocols is that you aren’t restricted by what you eat, as you are with 99% of the diets or nutrition plans.

If you’re not familiar with the MaxLiving Nutrition System, you can get a brief overview on our 5 Essentials page. However, if you want to get a deeper understanding, you can watch our Nutrition 101 Seminar. If you’d like to speak to someone about it, contact 

But even if you’re not on a MaxLiving nutrition plan, but you’re consciously making an effort to make healthier food choices, going out to eat can be a real challenge.

That’s why I wanted to share some of our favourites here at Abundant Health Chiropractic for Healthy Options to Eat Out in Brantford, ON.

Our Healthy Options for Eating Out Brantford, Ontario
MaxLiving Approved (For the most part)

Before I get started, I should mention this list doesn’t include every heathy eating option inside of Brantford, ON. Instead, these are just some of our personal favourites and some of our staff’s top choices.

So let’s get started and go through some of our top favourites.

Before I get started, I should mention this list doesn’t include every heathy eating option inside of Brantford, ON. Instead, these are just some of our personal favourites and some of our staff’s top choices.

So let’s get started and go through some of our top favourites.

Brantford Healthy Eating Options #1

Viet Thai Basil

Viet Thai basil on Brant Ave in downtown Brantford is one of my absolute favourite restaurants. The owners are lovely, and the food is simple but incredibly tasty. 

As they serve both Thai food and Vietnamese food, there’s a significant emphasis on Fresh ingredients and lots of vegetables. 

Of course, not everything on their menu is Core plan or Max plan approved. But this is a restaurant that offers a wide variety of healthy options that either fit into the Core Plan or Max Pan or can be modified to do so.

Furthermore, this restaurant is always willing to make modifications or changes to a meal to meet and match your needs.  

Be sure to try some of their sauteed chicken and vegetables or a big bowl of their rare beef Pho (Soup) with an absolutely delicious broth

SECRET BONUS: Although not on the plan, I’d be cheating you if I didn’t mention their fresh cold rolls with their special peanut sauce made in house. No exaggeration, these rolls and sauce are one of the most delicious things I’ve ever tasted in my entire life.

Of course, I should mention other similar restaurants in town offer some genuinely delicious meals as well. However, I can’t speak about the ingredients with the same degree of confidence, which I can when talking about Viet Thai Basil.

Check out Viet Thai Basil here

Brantford Healthy Eating Options #2

The Healthy Rabbit

It shouldn’t be any surprise that the healthy rabbit offers healthy eating options.

For those looking to eat clean and really stick to their nutrition plan, the Healthy Rabbit is a great choice.

To be candid, I personally haven’t eaten at The Healthy Rabbit very many times, but when I have, it’s always been excellent. Also, a couple of the team members here at Abundant Health eat there more frequently and love it.

Pretty much any meal you select will have loads of super healthy, high-quality fresh ingredients.

Furthermore, their menu is pretty extensive, so they have a boatload of options.

They have an extensive selection of “Bowl” options, which is pretty much exactly as it sounds. You pick the option which appeals to you, and in a few minutes, you get a delicious meal packed with tons of healthy ingredients.

The Healthy Rabbit also has a Smoothie Bar, where they offer numerous seriously healthy smoothie options. They’re all made with 100% real fruits, vegetables and other healthy ingredients, unlike some of the other sugar-loaded smoothie options here in Brantford.

And that’s just the beginning. They offer wellness shots, dried foods in bulk, different teas, and more.

You should definitely make a point of trying The Healthy Rabbit. It’s probably the Brantford restaurant with the largest selection of menu choices that can easily fit into health-conscious individuals’ meal plans.

Learn more about The Healthy Rabbit.

Brantford Healthy Eating Options #3

Goodness Me

“Goodness Me” is likely known to you as a grocery store, and probably not somewhere you’d consider as an option to go out to eat and to be honest, you’d be right in thinking that.

But maybe you’re in a rush, and you need to grab something quickly, but you’re struggling to come up with options that will fit into your specific nutritional guidelines.

In this case, Goodness Me is an excellent option. 

It’s a perfect place to pop in to grab one of their soups, smoothies, salad or other healthy options available.

You can grab something off their heated section, or their cold section, or have someone pack you up something from their food bar. 

Helpful Tip: Goodness Me also hosts healthy cooking classes. If you’re interested in learning more about cooking healthy, this might be something worth exploring.

Learn more about Goodness Me here.

Brantford Healthy Eating Options #4

Pita Pit

Similar to Goodness Me, this might not be a place that comes to mind when you’re thinking about sitting down to eat.

But for a quick meal, whether to sit down or just grab takeout, Pita Pit is another excellent option for those who need a quick meal with fresh ingredients within your nutritional guidelines.

But in case you’re getting excited thinking, “Oh Pita’s are okay to eat?!?”, hold your horses. Pita’s are definitely NOT on any MaxLiving plan.

So why stop at Pita Pit then? Simple, their salads.

The salads at Pita Pit are definitely NOT for the birds. What makes them different from most other salads is all the grilled meat and veggies you can have added to them.

This means the Pita Pit salads are less like salads, and more like a hearty (and healthy) meal. Moreover, a meal that can easily fit into ANY MaxLiving nutrition plan.

Pita Pit does offer salad dressings that CAN fit into the MaxLiving plans, but I personally bring my own salad dressing. I recommend our Maximized Balsamic Vinegarette dressing (which is literally to do for.)

Check out one of the multiple Pita Pit locations in Brantford.

Our Healthy Options for Eating Out Brantford, Ontario
MaxLiving Approved (For the most part)

At this point, we’ve covered a series of different choices for eating out in Brantford while keeping it healthy and staying within the guidelines of your nutritional plan.

But, I need to say the simple approach to “Healthy Eating Out in Brantford” I’m about to share won’t work for every nutritional plan, but it perfectly aligns within the MaxLiving dietary guidelines.

So what is this “simple” approach? Just because a restaurant doesn’t promote itself as “healthy” doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy an incredibly healthy meal there.

Another Healthy Eating Brantford Alternative

The Keg Steakhouse & Grill

A personal favourite of mine is The Keg Steakhouse & Grill. This works because you can enjoy an absolutely delicious, beautifully cooked steak where you’re you’re getting high-quality proteins and fats…

…Coupled with one of their incredible salads or vegetable options. What really makes the Keg special is they have so many excellent vegetable options. Options, even the most vegetable-adverse individuals, will be drooling over.

The only challenge is finding the willpower to turn down the hot bread and butter they bring to the table.

The Keg Steakhouse in Brantford

The Point I’m Trying to Make

There are many different restaurants in Brantford and the surrounding area that you can visit and enjoy a delicious meal that still fits within your specific nutritional or dietary guidelines.

Here are some options that we’re all familiar with than CAN work:

  • Swiss Chalet
  • Montanas
  • Kelseys
  • East Side Marios
  • And loads more

The secret to success with any of these is to make sure you’ve got a plan before actually arriving at the restaurant.

This is a mistake I see a lot of people make when attempting to follow this method. Before you get to the restaurant, visit their website and view their menu online.

Decide on what exactly you’re going to eat before leaving for restaurant. When you decide first, you’ve set your intention, making it far easier to stay on track.

This allows you to avoid the pitfall of sitting in a restaurant with no idea about what you’re going to eat. Where you’re being rushed by other members of your dinner party to “Choose Quick.” Or where the server tells you about a special, causing you temptation because you haven’t decided on a meal yet.

Eating Out Should Be The Exception, Not The Usual. Enjoy yourself, but don’t go crazy.

When trying to stick to a nutrition plan, there is no better choice than preparing your own meals, with your own ingredients, in your own kitchen.

Eating at home allows you to pick meals you genuinely enjoy and prepare them for how your nutritional plan requires you to.

Cooking and eating at home is the approach I personally follow when it comes to eating healthy.

A Quick Plug for Norton Farms

I’ve got to say if you eat at home and appreciate incredible high-quality ingredients. I highly recommend Norton Farms. Located just on Brantford’s outskirts, Norton Farms produces and sells high-quality organic meat, poultry, eggs, cheese, and more. This is where I buy my meat from, and I 100% recommend you try them out. I promise you’ll love the quality.

Learn more about Norton Farms here.

Last but not least, I couldn’t end this without giving you a quick BONUS SNACK IDEA for when you’re out and about, and you need to get some sustenance into yo QUICKLY.


Small, tasty, and filling without the sugar. These are a great and fast way to get some protein and fat into your body, boost those energy levels, and keep you moving with your days (While also keeping you on track towards achieving your nutrition goals.)

Did We Miss a Healthy Eating Option Available in Brantford?

These healthy eating options are just some of our personal favourites, but there are loads we haven’t mentioned.

What are YOUR favourite healthy eating options here in Brantford? Leave us a comment below and share your top choices for eating healthy in Brantford ON!


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