Start Your Day Right with a Healthy & Delicious Breakfast

Family Breakfast Favorites Made Healthier with Recipes from MaxLiving 

Abundant Health Chiropractic and Wellness Center in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan knows how important a nutritious breakfast is to start your day.  You can enjoy your favorite breakfast items while also making them even healthier with recipes from MaxLiving.  Have a breakfast full of your favorites such as pancakes or even cereal without sacrificing all the flavor you love. We strive to help keep Central Michigan healthy through our chiropractic care and dedicated focus on healthy eating.  These meals are the perfect starting point to establish an all-around better eating plan.  

Nutritious and Delicious Breakfast Recipes  

Brownie CerealWhat if we told you that you can have a chocolate-flavored cereal that is significantly healthier for you than the conventional chocolate cereals full of sugar and additives on the market today? This brownie cereal recipe uses unsweetened coconut and unsweetened cocoa powder combined with Stevia to offer you a sweet breakfast treat. It is also easy to make and only takes a few ingredients.  Serve it over your favorite yogurt for a delicious dessert or snack!  

Chocolate-Covered Strawberry Smoothie Can’t get enough chocolate? This smoothie recipe not only tastes like a sweet treat, but you can also use your favorite whey protein powder to give this smoothie an even healthier boost. Do you enjoy the texture of a malt and want to apply it to your smoothie? MaxLiving recommends adding avocado to the mix to give you the satisfying thickness and texture that you enjoy from a well-made malt! 

Cinnamon PancakesCinnamon has several health benefits that make it a go-to spice for adding a healthy boost to any meal. This naturally gluten-free recipe designed by MaxLiving uses almond flour to give these pancakes the heartiness you need to get your day started off right. Much like the smoothie recipe, adding your favorite protein powder further boosts the health benefits that you get from this fan-favorite breakfast item. There is even a simple recipe for cinnamon butter that you can spread on top to add even more flavor to these delicious pancakes!  


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