Celebrate the Holidays with Healthy & Delicious Treats You Can Make at Home


Eating Healthy Doesn’t Have to Mean Missing Out on Holiday Treats in Mid-Michigan 

Abundant Health Chiropractic and Wellness Center is eager to enjoy celebrating the holiday season. From the positive and charitable feeling in the air to all the goodies that we only enjoy around the holidays, this is sure to be a favorite time of the year. Speaking of treats, we want you to know that there are great ways to still enjoy your favorite holiday desserts and drinks while thinking about your health.

By substituting certain ingredients for healthier options, you can feel less guilty celebrating the holiday season with your favorite treats in Mt. Pleasant and other Central Michigan locations. MaxLiving has shared these delicious holiday recipes we are sure you will love! 

Our Favorite Holiday Treat Recipes 

Super Easy EggnogThis sugar-free & non-alcoholic version of eggnog is a great version of your favorite holiday drink!  Using stevia, coconut milk, and organic vanilla extract, the taste you get from this health-conscious version of the classic beverage is fantastic. You can also make the drink as healthy as it can be with an organic egg as the base of the drink. Please remember to be cautious about the source when consuming raw eggs. 

Ginger SnapsLooking for another classic holiday dessert that you won’t feel bad eating multiple of throughout the season? This ginger snap recipe is made with almond flour and oat bran for a great traditional cookie texture. Spices such as cinnamon and cloves work very well together with the ground ginger to create a taste that feels exactly like the holidays, all warm and inviting. Once again, stevia is used as the sweetener for reduced sugar intake while delivering the sweetness you expect.  

Protein ‘Sugar’ CookiesThis is one of the healthiest ways possible to enjoy a true holiday classic. Using PurePath Bone Broth Vanilla Protein Powder, these cookies offer you a significant amount of protein to help your body feel great even when you’re partaking in the full holiday spirit. By using monk fruit as the sweetener of choice in these cookies, you get a positively unique take on the traditional recipe. Almond and coconut flour help give these cookies that coveted cookie-like texture that everyone in the family will love!  

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