Cold Weather Means the Perfect Time for Soup in Michigan!

Yummy Soups That are Healthy as Well are Ideal for the Mid-Michigan Cold Weather

It is no surprise that we at the Abundant Health Chiropractic and Wellness Center in Mount Pleasant are fans of putting only high-quality and nutritious foods in our bodies. Healthy foods help your body function at its peak and will result in you feeling much better during these cold winter months we are currently experiencing in the Central Michigan region. With amazing recipes from MaxLiving, enjoy this variety of soups that will warm your body while also tasting delicious.  Add on the fact that they are easy to prepare, and there are plenty of reasons to make these soups a regular part of your family’s weekly meal plan!

MaxLiving Soup Recipes That We Love & Know You Will Too

Italian Spinach SoupWhether you call it Italian Wedding soup or Italian Spinach soup, this recipe is loaded with nutrients and bold flavors. With meatballs made from ground turkey and parmesan cheese floating in a soup containing chopped spinach and chicken broth, this is a warming meal that everyone in the family will adore. The ingredients chosen for this recipe maximize the health benefits of the soup without sacrificing any of the savory tastes you know and love!

MinestroneAnother classic soup that is a favorite for many residents of the mid-Michigan region, the minestrone recipe from MaxLiving is loaded with quality ingredients that will ensure you savor every mouthful. Healthy changes from a more traditional recipe that are found in this one are chicken sausage, dried seaweed, and an option to use gluten-free pasta. You’ll appreciate the heartiness of this fan-favorite soup when you make it for your family!

French Onion SoupThe French onion soup recipe designed by MaxLiving uses ingredients that bolster the flavor profile of the namesake onions in the soup while also adding another layer of health benefits. This includes using either Tamari (wheat-free soy sauce) or liquid aminos to offer a salty and earthy flavor that you and your family will absolutely love! You can also place your favorite slice of cheese over the top like a traditional French onion soup to get the full experience of a classic version of the recipe.


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