Adding Chiropractic Care to Your Pregnancy is a Valuable Way to Prepare for Childbirth

Consider the Benefits of Chiropractic Care When You Are Pregnant & Preparing for Childbirth 

Abundant Health Chiropractic and Wellness Center is here to help mid-Michigan residents get on track to living their healthiest and best lives. This includes those currently pregnant and wanting to find ways to better manage the physical toll the process places on the body. You might be wondering if you can safely see a chiropractor while you are pregnant. It is completely safe to do so with an expert chiropractor, as we know how to safely adjust you to assist in your pain management and alignment goals. MaxLiving recently shared some of the benefits you can expect to experience with effective chiropractic care during your pregnancy.  

The Benefits of Chiropractic Care & Complementary Ways to Make Your Pregnancy Easier 

Late-Term Alignment for Easier Labor – When you are in the third trimester, your body starts preparing itself for the eventual labor in childbirth. This includes the release of a hormone that greatly increases joints that will be directly affected by the process. However, this also makes it much easier to get into misalignment and increase overall pain and discomfort. By having a chiropractor work on you during this crucial time of your pregnancy, you can keep your body in proper alignment and make the delivery process more comfortable than those who didn’t receive chiropractic care.  

Reliable Pain Relief Throughout Pregnancy – Much like when you get an adjustment when you aren’t pregnant, chiropractic care is a valuable resource for effective pain management throughout your pregnancy. It is also a medication-free way to relieve the soreness that is associated with carrying a child throughout all three trimesters. Other noted benefits for pregnant women who get regular chiropractic care include better sleep and increased energy throughout the day.  

Ways You Can Improve Your Daily Life In-Between Adjustments – Since your spine and nerves are what we directly treat through our excellent chiropractic care, there are plenty of things you can do to aid in keeping things in as proper alignment as possible between your appointments. These include limiting how much you lift to a maximum of 30 pounds and using a proper squatting technique to lift items or small children off the ground instead of bending over. Keeping up on your Kegel exercises and other exercises assigned to you by your doctor will further improve stability and ensure you are properly stretched throughout your pregnancy.  

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