Know Signs of Stress in Your Children as the New School Year Begins

The Start of School & the Stress Associated with It 

Abundant Health Chiropractic and Wellness Center has a mission to promote a sense of well-being throughout life in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan. This includes your children and the sometimes stressful experience of starting back to school. It’s a busy time for you and your family which can lead to stress for young people of all ages, as well as parents. New classmates, teachers, and the prospect of learning new things can be an overwhelming process for your young ones. Even you or your significant other may feel the added stress with the hectic nature of the start of the school season. MaxLiving has compiled information on signs to look out for which might indicate a large amount of stress that your child could be experiencing. This way, you can talk with your child to help them feel better about the school year.   Abundant Health Chiropractic and Wellness has mental health services available should you decide to get more information on stress relief and hope it can enrich your child’s day-to-day experiences. 

Knowing the Signs of Childhood Stress 

Lack of Sleep and/or Headaches – If you know that your child has always been a sound sleeper and now has problems getting to sleep or staying asleep, this is an indicative sign that higher stress levels are a factor. Even if your child has some sleeping issues beforehand, if they become more pronounced, then you should consider the possibility of stress being a core reason for the issue. Your child may also start suffering headaches due to the lack of sleep or just from the stress they are trying to handle.  

Lack of Appetite / Stomach Issues – Stress can cause a person’s appetite to diminish. This is especially true with children as their lack of appetite will be noticeable. When asked about it, they may just say they are not hungry or they are feeling some pain in their stomach. Make sure to take a moment to ask your child if there is something wrong that might be causing them stress if you notice either of these factors happening.  

Mood Swings / Anxiety – While hormones can be strong drivers of mood swings and anxiety as kids get older, stress can make these symptoms considerably worse. You may experience seeing your child randomly cry or become upset for no reason. If this happens, take some time to reassure your child that everything is okay and then talk with them about their feelings to try and determine what might be causing these behaviors to occur.  

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