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At Abundant Health Chiropractic and Wellness Center in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan, we take a whole-body approach to optimal health and well-being.  We use the principles of 5 Essentials®:  Core Chiropractic, Nutrition, Mindset, Oxygen & Exercise, and Minimize Toxins to lead Mid-Michigan customers to a healthier and happier lifestyle.  Together, these principles can elevate each of your days; allowing you to live your best life. 

Focus on a Positive Mindset 

A positive mindset is an important place to start in your journey to optimal well-being.  It can improve our health and happiness, which can lead to a more productive and fulfilled life.  This might seem like a challenge sometimes.  Our minds might tend to look at the negative, a trait called negativity bias which is rooted in our ancestors’ need to survive in a sometimes-dangerous world.  This has been passed down to our current generation where pessimism is often not warranted.  A trait that was essential to our ancestors can now hold us back from reaching our potential.  But there are ways to overcome negativity bias with a plan for a positive mindset.  MaxLiving and Abundant Health Chiropractic and Wellness Center recommend these important steps to build a healthy mindset. 

Set Goals.  Working toward a goal gives your mind something positive to focus on.  Make your goal attainable, so you are soon rewarded by reaching your goal.  Then, set another goal! 

Think Gratitude.  How often do you think about the things you are thankful for?  Take the time each day to call to mind things, big and small, you should be appreciative of.  While it may seem like a task in the beginning, soon you will be looking forward to a gratitude mindset.   

Just Think Positive.  Reframe those negative thoughts into positive thinking.  For example, instead of taking criticism at work as a negative, reframe it as an opportunity for learning and advancement.  The more you put effort into changing the negative to a positive, the more easily this will occur without effort. 

Be in the Moment.  Instead of worrying about the past or future, live fully in each moment.  Focusing on today keeps you living in a manner you can control and appreciate. 

Nutrition, Nutrition, Nutrition.  Nourishing your mind is essential.  Focus on reducing your sugar intake.  Then add in delicious fruits and vegetables.  Don’t forget the importance of Omega-3 fatty acids too!  Not sure where to start?  Our naturopath is eager to set you on the right path to a healthier eating plan.   

Be With Positive People. Surround yourself with people who exemplify a healthy mindset.  They will help uplift you and lead you to a more positive way of thinking! 

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Need some help dealing with negativity so you can live a fuller life?  Abundant Health Chiropractic and Wellness Center in Central Michigan offers Mental Health Services. Schedule today and let one of our expert providers get you started on the way to a positive mindset.   


(Reference:  MaxLiving.com) 

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